AERA November 2020 report on energy consumer calls, emails, letters, etc., approval of project design documentations, notices of violation and Technical Councils



In November 2020, the Azerbaijan Energy Regulatory Agency has handled 379 consumer calls, emails, letters, etc. on electricity, natural gas supply, heat supply and other issues received directly and through the Ministry of Energy.

235 calls, emails letters, etc. were about electricity supply;

105 calls, emails, letters, etc. were about natural gas supply;

21 calls, emails, letters, etc. were about heat supply;

18 inquiries were related to other issues.

Out of 379 energy consumer issues

129 - investigated and resolved by the Agency (3 - forwarded to other government bodies for review and resolving);

4 -  investigated and resolved jointly with the Ministry of Energy;

214 - under review;

33  - informative calls, emails, letters, etc.;

18 -  positive feedbacks from satisfied consumers. 




AERA issued operational certificates for electrical facilities installed for outside power supply of 26 new, reconstructed construction facilities, as well as those with increased power and switching power supply circuit;

Reviewed and approved 22 project design documentations for electrical installations of various construction facilities;

Rejected 5 requests for approval of project design documentations for electrical facilities due to insufficient papers;

Tested quality condition of 10 electricity meters with the participation of “Azerenerji” OJSC and “Azerishig” OJSC engineers.

Based on approved projects, issued 81 operational certificates for completed industrial gas pipework installation in various construction facilities;

Reviewed and approved project design documentations for gas supply in 409 construction facilities;

Rejected 4 request for approval of project design documentations for gas facilities due to insufficient papers;

Revealed 2 cases of illegal connection to the gas distribution network without technical documentation;

Issued 5 notices of violation on electricity and gas supply in line with the Code of Administrative Violations; 




Based on the non-household consumer requests, 22 people responsible for electrical engineering including safety engineers at 7 enterprises have been tested on broad knowledge concerning the safety and health at work, technical exploitation and technical security.




The Technical Councils operating in 17 "ASAN service", "ASAN Kommunal" centers and Khachmaz SME houses (Small and medium business houses) located in Baku and the regions received 182 applications regarding the connection of business facilities to the electricity network. 181 applications were processed and 1 application was returned due to  inconsistencies in the submitted papers.