AERA and SMBDA discussed public-private partnerships and new business opportunities for SMBs in the electricity sector

Today, the Small and Medium Business Development Agency (SMBDA), with the support of the Energy Regulatory Agency (AERA), organized a webinar on the application of the DOST mechanism in the electricity sector and opportunities for SMBs.

The purpose of the event, which was attended by more than 20 entrepreneurs, was to provide information on business opportunities in the energy sector, active participation of entrepreneurs in projects in this sector, as well as attracting private investment through the implementation of the SMB mechanism in the energy sector.

Opening the webinar, SMBDA Chairman of the Board Orkhan Mammadov noted that in accordance with the challenges of the new era, digitalization of SMBs and support of green economy in the post-pandemic period has been included in the agenda of SMBDA as a new priority.

One of the important elements of the economic development strategy of the post-pandemic period is the expansion of the application of the DOST mechanism. Giving information about the DOST model, the activities of the Center for Development of Public-Entrepreneurial Partnership operating in the structure of the Agency, the chairman of SMBDA said that the electricity sector is one of the sectors where DOST models are widely used in international practice. It was noted that the possibility of applying the DOST mechanism in large-scale projects to restore and reconstruct the infrastructure destroyed in our territories, liberated as a result of the Great Patriotic War, including energy infrastructure, will be considered. Entrepreneurs wishing to set up businesses in the liberated areas can also submit business projects to SMBDA.

Chairman of the Board of the Energy Regulatory Agency (AERA) Samir Akhundov greeted the webinar participants and congratulated them on the brilliant victory in the Great Patriotic War. Giving brief information about the activities of the Agency, he said that since its establishment to date, the Agency has participated in the regulation of the energy market, the preparation of many bills as well as contributed to the preparation of regulations. In addition to market research, close cooperation has been established with many international energy organizations and financial institutions, as well as with foreign energy regulators. It was noted that the work to be done in this area will create opportunities for the formation of individual entrepreneurship and investment in the energy sector. According to him, work must be done to restore the previously destroyed and completely destroyed energy forces in the liberated territories.

Then Hikmet Hasanov, Head of the Strategic Planning and Innovations Department of the Energy Regulatory Agency, made a presentation on "Opportunities for small and medium-sized businesses in the field of electricity." He briefed entrepreneurs on international trends in the electricity sector, energy potential, public-private partnerships, investments in the energy sector, Turkey's experience in diversifying energy production and the potential of renewable and alternative energy sources.

The webinar continued with discussions and ended with a question and answer session with entrepreneurs and representatives of AERA and SMBDA.