AERA attended ERRA Renewable Energy Committee Meeting

ERRA Renewable Energy Committee held an online meeting with representatives of member countries. Fariz Shirinov, head of the Legal Support and Analysis Department of the AERA, also attended the meeting.

First, the Chairman of the Committee, Harald Proidl welcomed the participants and briefed them on the results of the 2020 survey on the activities of the Committee.

ERRA’s Regulatory Specialist Ardian Berisha continued the meeting with a speech on the role of regulators in mini network development. Umar Fufore Mohammad, General Manager of Renewable Energy Sources and Rural Electrification of the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission, presented the existing strategies on the status of minigrid projects in Nigeria and discussed them with the participants.

Pema Wangchen, Senior Analyst of the Bhutan Electricity Authority, gave a speech on tariff regulation for renewable energy (wind and solar energy). He provided detailed information on the preparation of regulatory documents and discussed them with the participants.

Proidl then gave another speech on "Involvement of regulators on the application of various BOEM technologies", briefed the participants on the next steps and moved on to the final stage of the meeting.

In conclusion, Valeria Farkas, ERRA Senior Program Manager, spoke about the future activities of ERRA.

Azerbaijan Energy Regulatory Agency has been an associate member of the ERRA since April 2018.