The Ministry of Energy and AERA met with the students of Baku Engineering University

An online meeting was held between representatives of the Ministry of Energy, the Energy Regulatory Agency (AERA), the State Agency for Renewable Energy Agency under the Ministry and the students and teachers of Baku Engineering University. The purpose of the meeting was to provide students with an overview of the work done in the field of energy, energy regulation and renewable energy, in order to support the process of raising their awareness in relevant fields and building networks.

An online meeting was attended by Jahid Mikayilov, Head of the Public Relations of the Ministry of Energy, Khayala Gurbanova, Head of the Civil Service and Personnel Division of the Ministry,  Gunel Ahmadova, Head of the Public Relations of AERA, as well as Fuad Hasanov, Chief Adviser of the Department of Project Implementation and Monitoring of Renewable Energy Agency.

Baku Engineering University was represented by experienced and well-known teachers of the Faculty of Engineering,  studying and teaching specialties in electrical engineering, electronics  and  power engineering.

During the meeting, Jahid Mikayilov spoke about attracting private investment in renewable energy sources in the country, especially in the field of solar and wind energy, as well as ongoing pilot projects. The teachers of the Faculty of Engineering who spoke at the meeting shared their views on strengthening the potential of scientific and technical research in this field, and made interesting proposals. Khayala Gurbanova informed the students about the recruitment process for vacancies in the Ministry of Energy, civil service, civil service competition and interview rules.

Ahmadova introduced the students to the official websites of the Ministry of Energy and AERA, dedicated to energy regulation and various sections of the energy sector in general, and drew attention to the annual reports of both bodies.

At the end of the meeting, representatives of the institutions andwered questions from students and teachers