AERA and the State Inspectorate for Energy Supervision of Ukraine held a meeting

On June 24, an online meeting was held between the Energy Regulatory Agency (AERA) and the State Inspectorate for Energy Supervision of Ukraine (SIES). The purpose of the meeting was to assess the implementation of the action plan on the agreements reached during the 12th meeting of the Joint Intergovernmental Commission on Economic Cooperation, and the possibility of establishing cooperation in the framework of exchange of experience.

Roman Bodnar, acting Chairman of SIES, and Samir Akhundov, Chairman of the Board of AERA, greeted the participants and informed them about the organizations they lead. The leaders of the two agencies noted the importance of exchanging experience in the field of state control over energy issues between the two countries, expanding cooperation in this area, and ensuring the sustainability of interdepartmental relations.

Roman Bodnar and Samir Akhundov expressed interest in exchanging experience in various areas of state control over the energy sector. The Chairman of the Board of AERA noted the importance of getting to know the experience of Ukraine, holding meetings at the expert level for practical consultations on topical issues.

Then, presentations prepared by both parties were heard.

During the presentations, AERA experts discussed the Agency's activities, the system of legislative and regulatory regulation of the country's electricity market, the formation of market relations and business entities, improving the investment climate in the energy sector, organizing benefits for energy entities, procedures, and mechanisms for monitoring and auditing market participants. briefed the participants on topics such as the systems approach.

Ukrainian speakers talked about the regulatory support of SIES in the electricity market, the organization of state control over heat supply, as well as the operation of power plants and networks, the organization of state control over the country's heat supply, the participation of state energy control in determining energy quality indicators and accidents in power systems, the participants exchanged views on issues of mutual interest.