Azerbaijani and Ukrainian energy regulators held an online meeting

On November 16, a meeting was held between the Energy Regulatory Agency of Azerbaijan (AERA) and the National Energy and Utilities Regulatory Commission of Ukraine (NEURC).

Opening the event, NEURC member Olga Babiy said that her organization has extensive experience in regulating and licensing the energy market, and expressed readiness to share the experience with the Azerbaijani energy regulator, as well as to further cooperation in various areas of energy regulation.

Further, the chairman of the board of AERA, Samir Akhundov noted that it would be useful to study the experience of the NEURC, in particular, the measures taken and achievements in the field of energy regulation in Ukraine, noting that it would be useful to study this experience.

Yuri Antonyuk, Head of the Licensing Department of NEURC, made a presentation on the rules for issuing licenses to electricity  grid users for work.He noted that one of the main tasks of the energy regulator in Ukraine is to simplify the issuance of licenses in accordance with European standards, as well as the introduction of a framework document into the licensing process.

In addition, Antonyuk provided detailed information on the assessment of engineering and technical parameters and types of permits for the supply of electricity.

After familiarization with the rules of investment planning, approval, and monitoring (investment program) of Yuri Ostapyuk, Deputy Director of the Energy Relations Department of NEURC, the participants exchanged views on this matter.

After Yuri Ostapyuk spoke about the components of the utility bill, as well as the procedure and stages of the initial connection of consumers to the network, the meeting continued with a question and answer session.

During the meeting, mutual exchange of experience in the field of energy regulation, etc. issues were discussed, future directions of cooperation were considered.

About AERA

The Energy Regulatory Agency of Azerbaijan (AERA) regulates and monitors issues related to electricity, gas, and heat. The agency, established by Presidential Decree No. 1750 of December 22, 2017, acts as a public legal entity under the Ministry of Energy of Azerbaijan.


The National Electricity Regulatory Commission (NEURC) of Ukraine, now called the National Energy and Utilities Regulatory Commission (NEURC), was established in December 1994 by the President of Ukraine. The Commission protects the rights of consumers of electricity, heat, gas, oil, and oil products in the country, issues licenses to enterprises operating in the energy sector, and implements pricing policy in the field of energy, oil, and gas. and heat production regulates the relationship in the retail electricity market.