OFGEM and AERA specialists held consultations

With the support of the UK Embassy in Azerbaijan, consultations were held between experts from the UK energy regulator Ofgem and the Azerbaijan Energy Regulatory Agency (AERA) on a number of issues in the field of energy regulation.

After the introductory speech of the Chairman of the Board of AERA Samir Akhundov, Mirmahammadali Aslanov from the Technical Bylaws Regulation Division of the Agency made a presentation on the overview of the distribution network in Azerbaijan and the transition from the distribution network operator to the distribution system operator.

Louise van Rensburg, Ofgem Distribution Network Operator and Head of Integrated Systems Coordination, gave an overview of the UK distribution system, noting that Ofgem's priorities are the distribution network operator in a rapidly digitalized developing country.

At the same time, she mentioned the importance of system operators actively managing their networks and strengthening their interconnection through the application of new solutions and technologies.

Sheilene Shah, Ofgem Expert and Assistant Engineer briefed the participants on the history and overview of the UK Grid Code, the rules and sections of the Grid Code, and network security.

Dashgin Hasanli from the the Energy Efficiency and Investment Division of the Agency, spoke about the development of the Network Code in Azerbaijan, the existing network regulation, the rules and laws currently being worked on, as well as the rights and responsibilities of the Agency.

Ofgem’s Chief Engineer Martin Quinn noted that one of the biggest challenges in the UK is non-compliance with the Grid Code and the need to pay more attention to the security of supply. The consultations continued with a dynamic and interactive questions-and-answers session.

In the next meeting, experts of both regulators will exchange experience on the energy liberalization process and unbundling of production and transmission in the UK.