EMTA and Ofgem experts held next consultations

With the support of the British Embassy in Azerbaijan, experts from the Energy Regulatory Agency (AERA) and the UK energy regulator Ofgem held next consultations on the liberalization of the electricity market in the field of energy regulation and unbundling.

Elchin Mirzayev, a specialist of Energy liberalization and investment attraction division at AERA, made a preliminary presentation on the liberalization of the electricity sector in Azerbaijan, then he gave a detailed overview of the development history of electricity in Azerbaijan, noting the current state of the electricity market and the work done in this area over the past period.

Aidan Stringfellow, Ofgem's Senior manager for Investor Relations, spoke about Ofgem's role in protecting consumer interests and promoting competition, highlighting the history of the UK's electricity market liberalization and unbundling, as well as key stages in energy policy development.

Eleanor Wood, Ofgem's Deputy Director for Strategy and Decarbonization, spoke about the history of the separation of electricity generation from the transmission network, noting that competition in wholesale markets is encouraged through measures such as tariff regulation and a favorable investment climate.

Meghna Tewari, Head of Ofgem's Retail Market Policy Department, highlighted Ofgem's policy on supplier and consumer relations, as well as tariff regulation in the retail market. Tewari said that prices in the market should be affordable, and sensitive consumer groups should be considered.

The consultations continued with an interactive question and answer session.