AERA and Ofgem experts hold consultations on integration of electric vehicles and renewable energy sources into the electricity system

With the support of the British Embassy in Azerbaijan, experts from the Azerbaijan Energy Regulatory Agency (AERA) and the UK regulator “Ofgem” held consultations on the integration of electric vehicles and renewable energy sources into the electricity system.

Mehdi Abdullayev, senior specialist of the Strategic Planning and Innovations Division of AERA, gave a preliminary presentation on "Integration of electric vehicles into the electrical system" and gave an overview of the hybrid and electric vehicles market in Azerbaijan. M.Abdullayev noted the work done to stimulate the import of such vehicles and promote their use. In particular, he stated the measures envisaged in the "Roadmap for 2022 to conduct assessments, develop and implement proposals to stimulate and promote the use of environmentally friendly vehicles.” He also stressed the steps to be taken to create infrastructure for electric vehicles, such as charging stations, and parking lots, etc.

Francesca Barrick, Ofgem's Electric Vehicles - Energy Systems Transition Manager, spoke about the UK's electric vehicles market, highlighting the importance of incentives, as well as close engagement with the government, and consumers. F.Barrick noted the possibility of a rapid transition to the energy system with incentive programs, emphasizing the priorities for Ofgem in the integration of electric vehicles into the power system.

Then, Elchin Mirzayev, a specialist of the Division of Energy Liberalization and Investment Attraction of AERA, gave a presentation on "Integration of renewable energy sources into the electricity system." E. Mirzayev gave detailed information about the laws and draft laws adopted in Azerbaijan in this field, the information system on renewable energy sources, as well as the atlas of renewable energy potential of Azerbaijan and the existing tariffs.

Noting that the policy on renewable energy in the UK is similar to the existing mechanism in Azerbaijan, Sam Rea, Senior International Relations Officer of Ofgem, spoke about the history of the transition to renewable energy in the UK. He also noted key policies and reforms, as well as stimulating measures in this area.

Grendon Thompson, head of System Operator Regulation at Ofgem, stressed the importance of "balancing services" in ensuring the safety and quality of power supply in the British transmission system. At the same time, he noted the challenges in the system of renewable energy sources in the UK and solutions in this regard.

The consultations continued with an interactive question and answer session.