The Turkish energy regulator shared its experience in regulating electricity transmission tariffs with AERA

The Azerbaijani Energy Regulatory Agency (AERA) and the Turkish Energy Market Regulatory Authority (EMRA) held the last online meeting within the first phase of the two-staged activity plan 2022. At the meeting, EMRA representatives shared Turkey's experience in regulating electricity transmission tariffs with AERA experts.

Opening the meeting Head of the Strategic Planning and Innovation Division of AERA, Hikmat Hasanov and Head of the International Relations, Strategic Development Department of EMRA, Mahmut Kurkchu, informed the participants about the next stage, emphasizing the benefit of the meetings and exchange of the experience.

Afterwards, EMRA’s energy specialist, Nezih Enes Evren spoke about the current legislation in Turkey on electricity transmissions tariffs and spoke about the issues to be considered in the tariff regulation in the electricity market and the formation of the network tariffs. N.Evren also informed the participants about the tariffs for electricity transmissions and the components to play an important role in the formation of these tariffs as well as the principles of the regulation of transmission tariffs.

During the meeting, which continued with the interactive question-and-answer sessions, additional information related to the relevant area was shared with the participants.