AERA announced the results of the main activities for July 2022


In July 2022, the Agency received 425 applications directly and from the Ministry of Energy regarding the protection of consumers' rights, the supply of electric and thermal energy, natural gas and other issues.

Out of them:

A total of 373 requests, including 17 for information regarding electricity supply;

A total of 40 applications, including 5 for information on natural gas supply;

1 application related to heat supply;

11 appeals were related to other issues.

Out of 425 applications:

163 applications were investigated and answered by the Agency (1 application was sent to the relevant institution to the consideration and action);

2 applications were executed jointly with the Ministry of Energy;

238 applications are currently under consideration;

9 out of 22 informative appeals were letters of thanks for solving the raised problems.


An act of commissioning was issued to electrical installations installed for external electric power supply of 8 new, reconstructed, permitted to use capacity increased and energy supply scheme changed;

According to 29 agreed projects, the operations of completed industrial gas facilities allowed;

With the participation of representatives of "Azerenergy" OJSC and "Azerishiq" OJSC, the technical condition of 5 billing electricity meters was reviewed;

According to the relevant articles of the Administrative Offenses Code of the Republic of Azerbaijan, which are related to the powers of the Agency, the case on 4 administrative offenses was reviewed and relevant decisions were issued.


59 control measures were carried out in order to investigate the technical operation of electrical installations, compliance with safety equipment rules and the state of electricity use;

 49 control measures were carried out in order to investigate the state of efficient use of gas, compliance with the “Rules of Gas Use” and reliable operation of gas facilities, as well as other regulatory legal acts;

Verification of professional skills

During the reporting period, the agency checked the professional knowledge of 78 electrotechnical staff and persons responsible for electrical facilities in 26 enterprises on the rules of technical operation and safety equipment.


258 requests for connection of business facilities to the electric network were received and implemented by the Technical Councils operating in 15 “ASAN service”, 2 “ASAN Kommunal” centers and 2 SME houses (small and medium business houses).