What is the main procedure for joining AERA?

In the event of vacancies the Agency places announcements on its webpage by disseminating this via mass media. This kind of announcements reflect the main requirements on vacancies thanks to which potential candidates may apply to the Agency by sending their CVs. The selected candidates are being interviewed by the Interview Commission of the Agency. Then, successful candidates are being appointed in accordance with the relevant decision of the Chairman of the Board.

How many phases does the interview procedure consist of?

The Agency holds 2 or 3 phases of the interview procedure with the candidates it is interested in. The first stage is being processed by the Human Resources Unit, whereas the experts from different units take part at the second level. The final decision is being made by the Board.    

What kind of questions do prevail?

An applicant is being asked to questions on his/her background, knowledges of the relevant regulatory framework, experience and activities in the field. The members of the Commission consider professional skills and work experience of a candidate.     

In which way do candidates get results of the first stage of the interview?

Applicants are being informed of the results of the interview by an email. Successful candidates should be provided with the details of the next phase of the interview. Others are being asked to improve their skills and try next time.